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School Forms and Information:

Allstate Commercial Driver Training School - Authorization to Release Information. Click here to download!

DMV Self Certification Information. Click here to download!

HazMat Instructions. Click here to download!

TSA – HazMat Disqualifying Offenses. Click here to download!

Leave of absence request. Click here to download!

Students Resume form 2014. Click here to access the form!


Department of Motor Vehicle Forms:

Form B-328 CT Medical Examiners Certificate (Wallet Card). Click here to download!

Form R-323 CT Examination To Determine Physical Condition of Driver (Long Form Medical). Click here to download!

Form R-370 CT DMV Requirements – Public Passenger Endorsement. Click here to download!

Form R-7 CT Application for Public Passenger Endorsement. Click here to download!



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* Beginning May 15, 2014 - All R-323 Examination to Determine Physical Condition of Driver Forms and B-328 Medical Examiners Certificate Forms must be completed by a trained medical examiner certified program through FMCSA. All examiners who have completed this training will be issued a national registry number.