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Over-the-Road Drivers (OTR)

OTR companies can have hundreds to thousands of over-the-road drivers. Depending on each OTR company, they may offer drivers the opportunities to drive throughout the entire United States, a region such as the New England or Atlantic states, dedicated route (point A to B to A), and in some cases outside the U.S. Most OTR companies require newly licensed CDL "A" drivers to take a bus to the company's training location, and undertake approximately 4-8 weeks of training. The training that the OTR requires is important because OTR companies need to orientate new drivers to the OTR lifestyle including driving situations and their customers.


Located in Seymour, Connecticut, Allstate Commercial Driver Training School trains students who want to find careers as commercial truck drivers. Training includes approximately 1 week of orientation at company's training site, and spending the remaining weeks driving with your instructor OTR. An over-the-road truck driver is usually paid in cents per mile, and may include incentives. The training pay is around $400 - $600 per week gross, and once training is complete and you are assigned a tractor your weekly gross is approximately $700 - $900, which earns the average OTR driver approximately $40,000 per year. Dependent upon needs of you and the company, driving options include solo (by yourself), team (two people to a tractor).

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