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Oil / Gas Companies

The common mistake that people make is to assume that oil/gas companies in Connecticut all lay-off their employees in the summer. To the contrary these businesses operate in four ways employment-wise – full-time permanent, full-time temporary, part-time permanent, part-time temporary. Depending on the needs of you and the company, driving positions may provide service to one or all of the following customers – commercial, residential, company fleets. Most of these driving jobs require CDL B training, but there may be room for "A" drivers. "B" drivers can service any of the aforementioned customers, while an "A" will usually service commercial or fleet customers. Oil/gas drivers must obtain Hazardous Materials and Tanker endorsements.


As a sidebar, another employment option in this career area is the CDL "A" drivers that deliver gas to gasoline stations that service the general public. Drivers in this career area require approximately two years' experience.

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