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Forklift Training CDL School in CT

Powered Industrial Forklift Certification

Upon successful completion, each student will be OSHA certified to operate similar machines for any employer in the USA. Allstate will provide full-sized certificates and laminated, wallet-sized certificates that should be carried on their persons anytime they are operating the forklift.

Examples of Forklifts We Train You On

  • Sit-Down Propane Forklift
  • Sit-Down Electric Forklift
  • Electric Pallet Jack
  • Stand-up Electric Forklift
  • Order Picker
  • Electric Pallet Jack
  • Raymond stand-up Narrow Aisle Picker with Reach


What is a Powered Industrial Forklift?

A powered industrial truck is defined as any mobile power-propelled truck used to carry, push, pull, lift, stack or tier materials. Powered industrial trucks can be ridden or controlled by a walking operator. As OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) continues to prioritize forklift operator training and compliance, fewer companies are willing to take any chance of having uncertified operators in their workplace. Our beginner training program is designed for the inexperienced operator to give them the theoretical, classroom style instruction and practical, hands-on training they need to meet the basic operational and safety requirements to be certified under OSHA's standards.



OSHA's new powered Industrial Truck Operator Training Standard (1910.178) imposes strict and detailed training requirements for forklift operators. The new standards require that anyone who operates a forklift, receive classroom and hands-on training, in addition to a performance evaluation every three years. Employees hired after December 1 1999, must have forklift training certification completed before they can operate any powered industrial truck.


Beginner Program


3 Day Program  5 Day Program 7 Day Program

Complete Training for:

Complete Training for:

Complete Training for:

  1. Sit-Down Propane Forklift
  2. Sit-Down Electric Forklift
  3. Electric Pallet Jack
  1. Sit-Down Propane Forklift
  2. Sit-Down Electric Forklift
  3. Electric Pallet Jack
  4. Raymond stand-up Narrow 
    Aisle Picker with Reach
  1. Sit-Down Propane Forklift
  2. Sit-Down Electric Forklift
  3. Electric Pallet Jack
  4. Stand-up Electric Forklift
  5. Order Picker


Experienced Operator


Re-certification / Refresher Program / Individual or Company Groups

  • Customize based on Your experince
  • Choose any Type of Combination of Forklifts
  • Private Groups Certified at our Warehouse or Yours


Hands-On and Classroom Training Covering
  • Picking up, Traveling, Placement
  • Fueling/Charging
  • Pre-Operational Inspection
  • Basic Maneuvering
  • Pallet Excersizes
  • Loading Dock
  • Loading and Unloading a Trailer
  • Stacking/Un-stacking
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Overview of Forklift Operations
  • Swinging Loads
  • Incline/Decline Ramps
  • Evaluation of a Safe Workplace
  • Types of Forklifts
  • Pre-Operational Inspection
  • General Safety Rules
  • Written Examination
  • Fire Extinguisher Safety


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